When we think of metal roofing, we often think of modular and mobile homes or industrial buildings. While a metal roof may seem like more of a fit for a transitory building, they are quickly becoming one of the more popular choices for home roof replacements. There are a few good reasons for this transition. Metal roofing is fire proof. Unlike a traditional roof, a metal roof will hold up under the severe heat pressure and maintain its shape and function. This is good news because everyone has witnessed the damage that a roof collapsing under fire can cause to a structure’s integrity. Many people might think that a metal roof is fairly limited in terms of styles. This is absolutely not true,metal-roofing there are metal roofing designs to match any home or neighborhood. One thing most of these styles have in common is an interlocking pattern that helps guard against wind and rain damage, providing a great weather barrier for the home. This is especially fantastic as the majority of roof repairs needed over time for a home is from weather damage.roofing houston Another benefit of a metal roof is that many roofing Houston companies will offer warranties on their work for up to 60 years. This is possible because a metal roof is far sturdier than many other types of materials that are used on roofs. Another misconception about these roofs is that they weigh far more than a traditional roof. While you are getting a little more bang per ounce, they aren’t that much heavier. Many metal roof materials weigh less than .45 pounds per square foot, which is relatively light. Metal roofs are protected by a heat barrier finish that resists and reflects heat. This is in stark opposition to the common misconception that a metal roof means higher heat absorption, the opposite is true. A metal roof is also a great barrier to help keep warm air inside during the cold months and hot air inside during the warmer months. An efficient roof will help save in energy bills as well as putting less strain on air conditioners and heaters. In terms of efficiency and style, a metal roof is a worthwhile contender in the modern roof market. They are a cost effective option as well, needing repairs so seldom and having such a long and service filled life once installed.